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Say you have your eye set on a new Mazda vehicle model, but instead of the standard fare, you are looking to set your vehicle apart. You want to give your new vehicle a personal touch. At Mazda of Knoxville, you can custom order your vehicle to your specifications.

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Custom Order Benefits

When you order your new Mazda vehicle near Alcoa, you have the benefit of building the car from the ground up to what you want. When searching through the Mazda model, you find a Mazda3 Sedan model to your liking; you can spec up the car with various options and packages.

The benefit for you is that these are the packages and options you want. You won't have to worry about any features you may or may not use during your vehicle ownership.

While custom ordering your vehicle may take time, once the vehicle is delivered, you can the thrill of a Mazda vehicle that is tailored specifically for you.

What We Do For You

Our sales team at Mazda of Knoxville works hand-in-hand during the ordering process. If anything changes, our team works to find the best solution for you. We want you to have the car you want with the options and features you need.

To that end, we will keep you up to date with updates on the vehicle, including where it is in the building process and the estimated delivery date. Once the vehicle is delivered to our dealership in the Knoxville area, a member of our sales team will contact you to pick it up.

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Contact us today if you have any questions about the custom order process. Mazda of Knoxville proudly serves the Cedar Bluff area.

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